U.S. Federal Income Tax Rates for 2018 - 2019

Tax season can be a trying time of year for many taxpayers. It's here, then suddenly the April 15 tax due date is approaching. Seems like it happens so fast some times and I'm generally not prepared to meet that deadline.

Well the tax filing deadline is really not a big deal to me any more. I make it a point now to file an IRS tax extension every year just to keep my anxiety down and allow some extra time to prepare my return when I'm ready.

File IRS Tax Extension 2018 - 2019

Fact is, you don't have to have you tax return filed by April 15. By filing an IRS income tax extension you can get six more months of relax time to work on your tax return and submit it to the IRS!

An IRS income tax extension is a great option available to American taxpayers that allows them to put off that tax filing task until the mad rush is over. It can make for a relaxing time of year going into spring instead of panicking and scrambling to meet the tax filing due date.

IRS Tax Calculators Require No Personal Identification Information

TurboTax IRS Income Tax Calculator

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Pay Any Taxes Still Owed On Time! Or Else...

Now there is one very important factor to keep in mind about filing an IRS income tax extension. The fact is, you still need to pay your taxes on time. Any taxes owed are still due by April 15th, or you will be facing additional charges that can include penalties and interest.

Tax filers beware: the IRS is not shy about tacking on penalties and interest charges if you blow off the effort to pay all your taxes owed by April 15.

Taxes are far too costly as it is so don't fall prey to the IRS for not paying all of your taxes owed on time. You can use our  tax rates calculator along with the IRS Income tax calculator to make sure you're properly getting your tax bill paid.

File A IRS Income Tax Extension Online In Minutes

So when the tax filing deadline sneaks up on you and you get that unsettling feeling in your gut, just take a deep breath and unwind.

Then plop yourself down at your computer and take a few minutes to prepare and efile IRS tax extension form 4868 to gain an additional 6 months to prepare and file your federal tax return.

What's Needed?

Information needed to file a IRS income tax extension includes personal data including your name, address, social security number, and your taxable income to determine the amount of taxes still owed.

It is helpful to have your previous year’s income tax return on-hand when your sitting down to prepare your tax extension form 4868 to request a tax extension. This can supply you with a lot of the data needed to apply for your tax extension

IRS Income Tax Extension: What's Needed?

To Qualify for a 6  Month Extension you must:

  1. Properly enter all data required on you tax extension application

  2. Estimate the amount of taxes you still owe

  3. Enter this total IRS tax liability on line 4 of Form 4868

  4. eFile or mail Form 4868 by the April 15 tax filing deadline

A reason for applying for a tax extension is not needed by the IRS. They will contact you only if your extension request is denied. In this case, a reason will be relayed to you so you can make any corrections needed and resubmit your request, provided the deadline has not passed!

How To Pay Your Taxes Owed Electronically

You can pay any taxes owed online through a direct transfer from your bank account by using Direct Pay. This electronic federal tax payment system allows a quick, simple, secure, and convenient way to pay by debit or credit card.

Taxpayers may also pay by phone, visit www.irs.gov for more info.