U.S. Federal Income Tax Rates for 2018 - 2019

Every year we wait and watch while our politicians continue their greedy tactics of frivolous spending and budget deficit advancement. In turn, the American tax payers are left with tax rate increases in the attempt to keep up with our countries financial falter. No doubt a roll of the dice in this losing battle!

Tax Brackets Calculator 2018 - 2019

With the tax season approaching and our ever changing paychecks, it's easy to calculate what tax bracket you will fall into this year with our FREE federal tax bracket calculator.

With this free and easy to use tool you can quickly determine what tax bracket and tax rate you will fall into this year.

Our income tax bracket calculator allows you to select your filing status and the tax year your filing to determine what tax bracket your income puts you into.

Once this process is complete you can then use one of the FREE Income Tax Calculator links below to estimate your additional taxes owed or, the great big income tax return refund your getting!

Your next step will be to choose a online tax filing program to prepare and file your federal and state income tax returns. For the best experience we recommend you stick with the market leaders TurboTax #1 and H&R Block #2 to avoid hassles with cumbersome poorly formatted programs that do little more than becoming a pain in your u-know-what.

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Calculate Federal Income Tax Brackets

Tax Brackets and Marginal Tax Rates

You should realize for proper calculation that marginal tax rates interact with other tax rates, including the alternative minimum tax, Medicare tax, and Social Security tax rates.

In particular, the alternative minimum tax can be the determining factor that pushes income into a higher tax rate or eliminates the tax savings of deductions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) figure, which provides the last piece of information needed for the calculation of the new years tax brackets and rates.

Tax brackets provide the divisions at which tax rates change in a progressive tax system (or an explicitly regressive type of tax system). Essentially, they are the determining values for calculating taxable income. Only income falling within a certain tax bracket will be taxed at that higher tax bracket rate.

For personal tax preparation, Individuals can use the tax rate schedules in a number of ways to help plan their financial paycheck withholding. These federal tax bracket rates can help you figure out how much tax you will pay on additional income you may earn throughout the year.

For a taxpayer earning income close to the top of their tax bracket, extra income earned may push you into the next tax bracket where that income will be taxed at that higher rate until the taxpayer reaches income values that are pushed into even a higher tax bracket.

Additionally, you can use these tax rates to determine how much tax you can save by increasing your deductions. For example, a taxpayer in the 33% tax bracket will save 33 cents in federal tax for every dollar spent on a tax-deductible expense, such as mortgage interest or charitable contributions. Using these examples to your advantage can benefit your pocket book!